Sialkot Business And Commerce Center (SBCC)

Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre is a joint project of Sialkot Chamber and SMEDA, with cost estimate of Rs. 341.67 million. Chamber has contributed Rs. 170 (M) in the shape of plot for building the Centre and Rs. 20 (M) for civil works, while balance amount of Rs. 171.67 (M) is being provided by the Federal Government. The multistoried building would serve as Display and Convention Centre, and other commercial activities.

Sports Industry Development Centre (SIDC)

Sialkot has been the leading player in the world football market over the past many years. However, this crucial advantage has come under serious threat due to the emergence of mechanized ball technology, which is capturing the export market quickly. To proactively handle this and such other issues in the future, the Sialkot Chamber joined hands with SMEDA to set up the project of Sports Industry Development Centre, with cost of Rs. 272 (M). Adoption to the new technology will enable Sialkot to maintain its prominent position in the football exports. Funding for the project is being provided by the Federal Government.

Sialkot City Package

In a unique move, Sialkot City Package Programme was initiated in 1999 by the Sialkot Chamber in collaboration with the all trade bodies in Sialkot. It was based on the principle of matching grant by the Federal and Punjab Governments with 1:1 and 1:3, respectively. Under the Programme the exporters of Sialkot voluntarily contributed 0.25% against their export invoices for improvement of road infrastructure in the city. An amount of Rs.210M was collected in the first phase. Under the scheme, Kashmir Road, Defense Road, Shahabpura Road, Hajipura Road, Circular Road, and Paris Road were constructed. This better road infrastructure was achieved under Sialkot City Package accomplished on Self-help basis by the business community.

Sialkot Export Processing Zone

Country’s second Export Processing Zone has been set up at Sambrial, Sialkot on 238 acres with a huge investment of Rs. 184 (M), generated through the private entrepreneurs, which will open a new era of Industrial revolution and foreign investment in the region.

Sialkot Tannery Zone

In order to overcome the threat of environmental pollution being created by the scattered tanneries in and around Sialkot, the Chamber has initiated the project of Sialkot Tannery Zone. The Government has issued notification under Section 4 of land acquisition Act 1894 for acquisition of 384 Acres at Khambran Wala at Kuluwal Road for the establishment of Tannery Zone. For the completion of the Project in private sector, a non-profit organization by the name of The Sialkot Tannery Association (Guarantee) Ltd. has been formed. The Company invited applications from prospective buyers for submission of 25% share of the total cost of land. The amount has been transferred to the Local Government account under relevant Head for the acquisition of land. The development process is expected to start very soon. Fitted with a modern affluent treatment plant, all the tanneries are being asked to shift to this zone.

Sialkot International Airport

Sialkot International Airport is a mega project in Private Sector, first of its kind in South Asia. In order to meet the demand of buyers and exporters, the energetic and highly motivated business community of Sialkot signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ministry of Defense through Civil Aviation Authority in 2003. The promoters from private sector were invited to join the mega project and a public limited company namely Sialkot International Airport Ltd (SIAL) was formed and registered. The Airport will speed up the transportation of export cargo by air and would facilitate a two way travel of businessmen and overseas Pakistanis of this region.For

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Sialkot Dry Port Trust

Sialkot Dry Port Trust was established in the private sector in 1984 by 52 reputed exporters / businessmen of Sialkot. They have earned the unique honour of being the pioneers for establishing the first ever Dry Port in Asia in the private sector. The main aim of this Dry Port was to provide the facility of Customs Clearance to the exporters and importers of this region at their door step. For more details visit

Seerat Study Centre

In March 1986, an international Seerat Conference was held at Karachi in which reputed Ulema and religious scholars of the Muslim World participated. The conference unanimously adopted to establish an Academic forum of International level for the study and research on the life (Seerat-e-Tayyaba) of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). The decision was formally approved by the participants of International Seerat Conference Islamabad in November 1985 and the forum was named Seerat Study Centre. The Sialkot Chamber took the initiative and established the Seerat Study Centre in Sialkot. This forum is located on Ghazi Road, Sialkot Cantt.

Sialkot Transport Company STC

Sialkot Transport Company STC

Air Sial

Air Sial.

Child & Social Development Organization

CSDO’s Profile: In pursuance of Atlanta Agreement a Programme on “The Elimination of Child Labour from Soccer Ball Industry in Sialkot” was initiated in the year 1997. At this stage a need was felt to develop the institutional capacities of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), in order to deal with the issues of child labour and to make the entrepreneurs/industrialists in Sialkot socially responsible, on sustained basis. This was also necessitated to provide continuity to all endeavors of the SCCI in regard to the child labour issues and to act as a professional counterpart to all the Programme partners in Sialkot such as ILO-IPEC, UNICEF, SCF-UK, and the national and local governmental and non-governmental organizations. Accordingly, the idea of establishing a unit within SCCI was deliberated upon at various forums such as the Project coordinator (PCC) of the Soccer Ball Project. But it took a considerable time to materialize the concept.

Consequently Child & Social Development Organization was evolved as a result of all the said brainstorming and proactive planning of Atlanta Partners. Entitlement of registration was given to it on 22-7-02 with Directorate of Social Welfare, Women Empowerment & Bait-ul-Mal, as voluntary Social Organization under Registration & Control Ordinance (XLVI-1961) of Pakistan.

At the time of laying its foundations it was given a name of Child & Social Development Programme (CSDP) however due to unavoidable circumstance its registration took place as Child & Social Development Organization (CSDO).The former Secretary General of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), Switzerland inaugurated CSDO. The membership of CSDO is mandatory for all Soccer Ball manufacturers participating in the Child Labour Elimination Programme. CSDO is a member of the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP), UN Global Compact and Local Global Compact Network Pakistan. CSDO has cordial relations and partnership with WFSGI in managing Sialkot Soccer Ball Project.


The mission of CSDO is to act as a proactive ‘Social Arm’ of the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), for addressing the Corporate Social Responsibility issues. Mainly focusing on:-

  • Child Labour free Sialkot
  • To Promote Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship in Sialkot

Previous Projects Summary:

Since its establishment, CSDO has maintained very good liaison with the concerned Government departments, and other national and international agencies to initiate and implement social development projects in Sialkot. CSDO has been working for the elimination of child labour in the Soccer Ball industry, protection of children and adolescents/youth especially girls and empowerment of marginalized community since its formation. In year 2007 and 2008, CSDO executed FIFA funded project “Football For Hope” for the promotion of football game amongst children and uplifted football grounds in Sialkot. CSDO has executed UNICEF funded “Child & Adolescents Protection Project” from May 2009 to 31 March 2012. The main objective of this project was to create protective environment for children and adolescents who were at risk of abuse and exploitation by taking protective measures through non-formal/formal education, recreation, psycho-social support, awareness raising, skill enhancement for income generation, advocacy, monitoring child rights violations. Under this Project around 4000 children & their families, 600 young girls and boys were benefited.


  1. Sialkot Soccer Ball Project:After phasing out ILO and UNICEF from Sialkot Soccer Ball Project, CSDO has been formed to continue Social Protection and Rehabilitation component of Sialkot Soccer Ball Project. Therefore, as part of its routine activities, CSDO facilitates SCCI in managing Child Labour Elimination Programme (CLEP) in Soccer ball Industry in Sialkot.
  2. CSDO School System:After phasing out UNICEF from CAP Project, CSDO has been sustaining the Project through Public Private Partnership with Punjab Education Foundation, Lahore. Currently, around 1500 gipsy, out of school, drop out, needy, poor and underprivileged children of the society and adolescents (around 60 % girls) are getting free of cost education from class 1 to 8 in 14 schools established by CSDO in backward and slum areas of Sialkot. So far, hundreds of students have passed 5th and 8th grade exams.
  3. Inclusive Education Project:CSDO has been executing Inclusive Education Project in nine schools of CSDO to provide inclusive education and psychosocial support to special children. Special children and normal children sit together in the same classroom to promote harmonization and understanding among them.
  4. Training of the Industrialist and Workers:An MOU has been signed between CSDO and PUNJAB EMERGENCY SERVICE (RESCUE 1122) SIALKOT to impart emergency evacuation, fire prevention & safety measures and first aid training to the industrial organization of Sialkot as well as to the educational and not for profit organizations

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Khud kifalat rozgar trust

Under the Umbrella of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the business community of Sialkot is doing remarkable work towards development of the city and welfare of the people through self help basis culture. The business community especial the exporters of Sialkot have initiated and completed projects of public welfare and common interests such as Sialkot Dry Port Trust, Sialkot City Package, Sialkot International Airport, Child Labour Elimination Programme in Soccer Ball Industry, Sialkot Export Processing Zone, Quality Certification Programme, Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre, Sialkot Industrial Development Centre, Sialkot Tanneries Zone, etc. and Khud Kifalat Rozgar Trust Sialkot is also one of these.

Khud Kafalat Rozgar Trust, Sialkot is the brain child of Sialkot Chamber. Dr. Khurram Anwar Khawaja floated the idea in the year 2008. It gained strength from AKHUWAT and was registered on 30th June,2010 under Societies Registration Act 1860.

The Trust provides Qarz-e-Hasna (interest free loan) to the deserving persons without discrimination of color, caste and gender enabling them to become self employed by starting or enhancing their small businesses.

  1. Providing interest free micro-credit
  2. Qarz-e-Hasna to be disbursed and KKRTS meetings to be held in Mosque
  3. Volunteerism (Office Bearers of KKRTS worked voluntarily and staff works with missionary zeal.)

Thanking you.

Dr. Khurram Anwer Khawaja

President, KKRTS,